The Pagan Queer Intersection

When Communities Overlap

Emma Larson

TCPP Board Member

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the Pagan and LGBTQ+ communities, sketched out on paper, could create a very nice Venn diagram.  The Pagan community has long been a place for people who don’t fit into society’s expectation of cisgender, heteronormative, Christian individuals.  Just like the LGBTQ+ community, the Pagan community is a place for people who seek belonging and support.

However, the intersection between Paganism and Queerness goes beyond modern communities.  The reality is, deities throughout history have been fabulously diverse – and they have been poly, ace, trans, nonbinary, gay, and every other thing you can think of.  Whether you believe these deities are real beings or representations of humanity, the facts are that they are alive and well today – in one way or another.  

So, let’s enjoy celebrating being ourselves, and celebrating our own divinity.  Happy Pride Month!