Fall Festival Programming Schedule

Fall Festival 2022 Programming Schedule


10:15-10:30  Welcome Message and kick off to Opening Ritual (Offering to the Falls) with Prodea Coven
11:00-11:40  Kari Tauring
    1:00-2:00  Lady J
    3:00-3:30  Per Andreassen
    4:30-5:00 Peter Ruddy


10:30-11:30  Intro to Shinto – Volkhvy
11:45-12:45  Druidry 101 – Druids of the Twin Cities
    1:00-2:00  Intro to Wicca – Coven of the Standing Stones
    2:30-3:30  Heathenry 101 – Todd McCoy, Volkshof Kindred
    3:45-4:45  Energy, Healing, and Play – Sherry Merriam and Patrick Perry
    5:00-6:00  History of Wicca – JRob & Tamara Zetelumen 


1:00-2:00  Stepping Back into the Ancestors – Cindy Miller/Northern Roots Grove
3:00-4:00  Celebration of the Harvest – The Coven of the Standing Stones
4:30-5:30  Community Building Druid Ritual (The Druids of Northern Roots Grove and Oakdale Grove)