Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of Twin Cities Pagan Pride and Paganicon has many benefits. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are keeping the only hotel-based Pagan conference in the Twin Cities ongoing as an annual event, the gratitude of the organization itself, and some pretty awesome karma. 

ALL sponsors will get a listing on our website, some newsletters, and other promotional materials, as well as other options, depending on the level of sponsorship that you choose. The benefits are primarily focused around Paganicon because there is no charge to attend our Fall Festival and we also do not have any materials that we hand out to attendees there. However, you can sponsor us any time of year! If you sponsor us in the summer or fall, your listing on the website will be up for longer (and will probably get updated faster since we’re not as busy), and the advertising/attendee benefits will carry to when the next Paganicon is scheduled. 

Listed below are our standard sponsorship levels. If you have an idea for a custom sponsorship arrangement, please let us know. We have worked with organizations in the past that requested vendor space or a discount on a party suite instead of the attendee badge, and we’re happy to discuss adjusting the benefits to fit your needs. 

$50 sponsorship 

$100 sponsorship:

$250 sponsorship:

$500 sponsorship:

We invoice our sponsorships through PayPal. You do not NEED a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice (just a debit or credit card), but if you do have one and the email is different from your contact email, please list it in the field above.
Please note: we are a 501(c)3 organization, so all sponsorships are considered tax-deductible for the amount of the donation minus the cost of benefits.
So, for example, if you sponsor Paganicon at the $250 dollar level, and take all of the listed benefits, your tax-deductible donation is $135 – the sponsorship amount minus the cost of a 1/2 page ad ($65) and attendee badge ($60).

You may choose not to receive a particular benefit (a sponsor who is unable to attend might choose not to receive a badge, or an individual may choose not to submit an advertisement).  If you do that, the tax-deductible donation amount would be greater.