The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Paganicon is at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West, 3131 Campus Dr in Plymouth, MN. It is located northeast of the intersection of I-494 and MN 55. 

Go to Northwest Blvd (from MN 55, east of 494) and head north. Then, make a left on Xenium Blvd, and the hotel is just ahead on the left. 

Standard room rates are $119 per night, plus tax. There are also some larger rooms (Presidential, Diplomat, Executive) available that cost extra ($149-$319) – prices are quoted through the block.

We do not have a room block link yet. Please check back and we will put it here as soon as we do. 


The hotel has a lot of great points for those with access or mobility concerns.

  • Our event is on multiple floors (three) but there are two different elevators located in key areas
  • Bathrooms include room to maneuver and handicapped stalls
  • Accessible sleeping rooms are available on request
  • Sleeping rooms have mini-refrigerators to store medications or special foods
  • Our vendor room and art show have aisles wide enough for wheelchairs or other mobility devices
  • The hospitality/party suites are open areas that should be easier to navigate

We should note that we do not expect this to be a scent-free event (some of our vendors sell incense, oils or other scented items), though we always request of vendors, ritualists and attendees to be careful in their use of scent and to consider those with scent allergies. In addition, the pool is located in the enclosed health club attached to the hotel on the opposite side of the sleeping room area, and nowhere near the conference.

There is a mezzanine area that can only be accessed by stairs, but there is no formal programming or convention events in that area. It is for extra seating only.

Food choices:

We work closely with the hotel to try and provide a range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, sugar free and other allergy-friendly options. However, if you have any serious restrictions, you may want to consider bringing some food with you in case. Note that there are also many restaurants within 10 minutes of the hotel, and many of them will deliver. A list of local food options is available upon request.


Unfortunately, there are no buses or trains that go to the hotel on the weekends. We recommend posting on our Facebook page if you are looking for a ride share.

Other accommodations:

If you require additional services for vision or hearing loss, or any other issues, please contact us at as soon as possible so that we can work with you and try to find a solution. We are a small organization with a limited budget but we will do our best to make our event as enjoyable as possible for everyone.