Hosting a Party Suite

Party Suites – or Hospitality Rooms – are an important part of any convention. They offer a place to relax, socialize, and get to know other presenters and guests on a more personal and unstructured way. They can be an oasis of calm to have a cup of tea and a snack before diving back into the con, or they can offer a raging party and lots of excitement. 

Quirky themes, amazing decorations, and wonderful people give them each their own unique character. They are also a great way to spread the vibe and values of your organization to hundreds of people over the course of the weekend. 

The party suites are on the 2nd floor of the conference area. The rooms are a single rectangular space with windows. They will be available from Thursday through Sunday evening for a flat fee (see below). Tables and chairs are provided by the hotel at no charge. Please note that the rooms do not have key cards; they are locked and unlocked with a master key. Several copies of the key will be carried by Convention Staff members. 

There are 12 party suites available in four sizes.

– Regular (20′ x 13′) – 260 sq ft) – $375
– Large (27′ x 13′) – 351 sq ft – $495

– Extra Large (24′ x 18′) – 432 sq ft – $595
– Economy (13′ x 13′) – 169 sq ft – $240

Other things to know:
– Party Suites must be open to convention attendees for a minimum of 12 hours throughout the weekend.
– Party Suites are only for registered attendees and can only be hosted by someone with a paid registration. Non-registered members of your group can assist you in setting up on Thursday evening or tearing down on Sunday evening but cannot be in the suite other times. 
– There are several different sizes of tables and chairs available to be placed in your suite. You will be contacted a couple of months before the convention for details on your preferences. 
– You may put out a “tip jar” so people can donate to support your suite, but you can NOT charge a fixed fee for entrance to your suite or any of the items therein. 
– You may wish to provide refreshments and are welcome to do so within the policies outlined in our Party Room Guidelines (see below). If you choose to serve alcohol, you must ask for ID. 
– You are liable for damages to the room including walls and carpet. If you choose to serve a food or drink that could potentially stain, we recommend covering the floor. 

 Please email if you are interested in hosting a party suite.  

For the current list of Paganicon 2023 Party Suite Hosts, click here