Vending at Paganicon

Applications for vending at Paganicon 2025 will be available in August. Please check back!

The hours for the vendor room will be the same as in previous years:
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm
Vendor set up starts Friday morning at 8am and tear down is Sunday evening starting at close.

Vendor spaces are available in two sizes:
Regular (10′ wide x 6′ deep) – $100
Large (15′ wide x 6′ deep) – $160

We are using a new system to collect application this year called Eventeny. You will be required to make an Eventeny account to use the system, but you can use the same account for any registration with any event that uses Eventeny. If you signed up to be a vendor at the Fall Festival, or you submitted programming, you will use the account you already created for that purpose. One of the benefits of this system is that you can make changes to your application up until you are accepted. So, if you come up with better pictures you would like to share, or need to change the information, you can do that by logging into your account and choosing “My Applications”. 

As part of the application, you will choose your preferred size (regular or large). Please note that large spaces are very limited so if you choose large and one is not available, you will be contacted to see if you will accept a regular space and asked to change to that option. You will also be asked to upload a minimum of three photos (with a maximum of ten) as part of your application. Please locate and select which photos you wish to upload before starting the application. The Paganicon Vendor Room is CURATED, and inclusion is NOT GUARANTEED. Vendors are chosen by jury and the photos are your chance to put your best foot forward and show us who you are and why we should choose YOU. 

If you need tables to be provided by TCPP, they are 5′ x 30″ and are available for $5 each. Chairs are provided at no charge. If you also need access to electricity, it is available for $50 for the weekend. Both tables and electricity must be requested in advance and may not be able to be added later. 

If you are accepted as a vendor, you may also have up to two full weekend registrations for $30 each. The vendor room is open to the public and, as such, a convention badge is not required to vend, but you will only have access to the public areas of the convention (vendor room, art show, healer/reader room) if you do not have one. If you have already purchased a badge, you will be refunded the difference. 

Your correctly filled out and signed ST19 form must be submitted as part of your application. Please click the button below to download it and make sure it is correctly filled out AND SIGNED and ready for upload before beginning the application. Adobe Reader has a function that will allow you to sign the form; if you do not have Adobe Reader or do not know how to use this function, you can print and sign it and either scan it back in or take a picture with your phone and upload the photo (so long as it is legible). Unsigned ST19 forms WILL NOT be accepted, and your application will be REJECTED if you that is what you attach to it. You will need to reapply with a corrected form if this happens. 
In addition, you are responsible for reading and following our vendor policies, available by clicking the other button below. 

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We encourage anyone interested in vending with us to sign up for our vendor email list, a low-traffic announcement list which is used for updates and details about vending at our events. When vendor registration opens for any event, those on the email list are notified first. 

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