Supporting our Community

Twin Cities Pagan Pride feels strongly about supporting our local community and about making sustainable choices wherever possible. We welcome additional suggestions of ways we can help.

Food Donation

Every year, the Twin Cities Pagan Pride Fall Festival includes a food drive. We encourage our attendees to bring a non-perishable food item with them to the park to contribute to our efforts. We also collect cash donations and contribute a significant cash donation ourselves.

For over a decade we have worked closely with the Groveland Emergency Food Shelf. This organization is a non-profit providing emergency groceries for those in need serving about 5,000 clients per month and distributing over 150,000 pounds of food. 

Our goal for each Pagan Pride Day is to collect a total of at least 400 pounds of food or the monetary equivalent ($1 = 1 pound of food), and we almost always exceed this.
In 2022, we collected 331 pounds of food and $247 cash, for a total of 578, and in 2021, we collected 415 pounds of food and $273 cash, for a total of 688.

The LGBTQ+ Community

Twin Cities Pagan Pride annually participates in the LGBTQ+ Pride event located at Loring Park in Minneapolis. We have queer Pagans on our Board of Directors, and we believe that the Pagan community should be inclusive to all, no matter who you love or what your pronouns are.

Also, starting in 2022, we offered pronoun flags that attendees could attach to their Paganicon conference badges.

Learn more about the intersection of Paganism and queerness by checking out our new webpage, with resources and examples.