Submitting Art

Art Show Submission Form for 2025 will be available in June

Hello, Artists! Thank you for wanting to share your art with our community!

This year, we are changing the registration process slightly to make sure that everything is being taken care of up front so there will be a few more steps than in previous years. 

First, we have moved to a new registration system called Eventeny. You will be required to make an account in the Eventeny system, but you can use the same account for registration for any event that uses Eventeny (including us every year). If you register as a vendor or a sponsor or submit programming, you will use the same account for all of it. One of the features of Eventeny is that you can make changes to your submission up until it is accepted, so if you suddenly realize your forgot to include something, you can log back in and add it. 

Second, you will be submitting your Artist Waiver, W9 form, and Artist Biography up front as part of the application. Your bio should be a separate file (.pdf, Word document, .png or .jpg) and ready to upload. The Artist Waiver and W9 forms are available below. Please make sure they are FILLED OUT and SIGNED and ready to upload before you start your application.  

Art pieces that are entered into the art show can be available for sale or not, artists’ choice. Any original art that is sold will stay in the gallery on display until it closes.

In addition, artists have the option of providing prints for sale in our Print Shop. Artists who wish to participate in the Print Shop must provide a comprehensive list of what prints they will bring one month in advance.

All art that is sold through Paganicon is at a 25% commission (the artist receives 75% of the sale). 

Alternatively, there are a (very) limited number of Art Sales Tables available adjacent to the art show for artists that wish to sell their own product. ST19 forms will be required for Art Sales tables. 

Both the Print Shop and Art Sales room are available only to artists that have APPLIED and been ACCEPTED into the gallery. There are questions on the application form asking if you are interested in either option. 

Note that volunteering to staff the Art Show during open hours is mandatory for artists exhibiting and is a condition of your acceptance by the Art Show committee. You will be sent a list of available shifts closer to the event and will be required to sign up. 

Finally, we are bringing back the ARTIST RECEPTION this year! It will be from 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Friday, March 15th. We ask all artists to do their best to attend this gathering of like minds and fans!