Paganicon Party Suites

The Hospitality and Party Suites are on the 2nd floor, in the studio rooms above the 1st floor programming and Vendor Room/Art Show/Header-Reader areas. Take the elevator in between Conference Rooms C & D, or the stairs to the left of the hotel front desk. 

The Paganicon Hospitality Suite is in Studio 5, just across from the elevator. It is THE place to meet new people, grab a snack, relax around a table or in the sitting area, recharge (you -or- your devices at our free charging station), or entertain yourself with one of the various coloring pages, puzzles, games, or activities that are available. 

They can also answer questions, assist with problems, help bandage a boo-boo, or sew a button back on. Come and see what we’ve got going on!

The other suites are party suites being run by other groups. They are a great place to get to know new people and expand your knowledge of the resources available in our community. 

The list of Party Suite Hosts should be available in early 2023. 

If you are interested in becoming a Party Suite Host, click here to apply.