Paganicon Party Suites

See below for information on the Party Suites that were available at Paganicon 2023. Applications to host a party for Paganicon 2024 will be available here in August 2023.

The Hospitality and Party Suites are on the 2nd floor, in the studio rooms above the 1st floor programming and Vendor Room/Art Show/Header-Reader areas. Take the elevator in between Conference Rooms C & D, or the stairs to the left of the hotel front desk. 

The Paganicon Hospitality Suite is in Suite 5, just across from the elevator. It is a place to meet new people, grab a snack, wake up with a cup of coffee or tea, do some self-care and relax in the sitting area, or get into some good conversation. Hospitality Suite staff can also answer questions and assist with any problems. 
The Paganicon Hospitality Suite is open Friday 8am-6pm,
Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 8am-4pm.

Suite 3The Coven of the Standing Stones
Feeling witchy? Need to shed your old skin and spend some time having a good time? Roll on over to the Standing Stones party suite. Our room theme this year is witchy metamorphosis, from old to new. The Standing Stones is a family oriented, eclectic teaching coven founded in 2000. In witch years, that’s a long time. We teach seekers and dedicants classes, and we also have a couple of events open to the community. As always, we will have a raffle for gift baskets, and some concoctions for the libations minded. See you at the con! The Stones’ party suite will be open from 10-5 and 7 to midnight on Friday, and 10-4 and 7 – to when the fun stops on Saturday.

Suite 4The Sidhe Shed
Join The Sidhe Shed collective artists as we celebrate our First Annual Party Suite and Sponsorship of Paganicon 2023! We have a weekend of activities planned and hope you will engage in Sacred Play with us. Any food/cuisine listed is served between 9pm and 10pm until we run out. Kool Aid Of The Day is available during all posted room times.
Thursday March 16th 7pm-11pm Flutter-by Pajama Party & Breakfast Bar
Get your favorite pj’s on , grab your cuddly blankets, and come color and listen to childrens stories aloud as we eat cereal and make yummy toast together. Kool-Aid Of The Day is Loopy-Do Lemon-Lime
Friday March 17th 7pm-11pm Nabi in Motion Party & Asian Snacks
We engage in movement of the mind and body tonight as we play some card and group games, make & take butterfly crafts and socialize. Kool-Aid Of The Day is Gippeum Mandarina Tangerine
Saturday March 18th 7pm-11pm Mariposa Bailar Party & Latin Snacks
More Sacred Play ensues as we hang out playing more games, being social, and maybe even get brave enough to play Throw Throw Burrito if we get inspired. Kool-Aid Of The Day is Alegre Pineapple
Sunday March 19th 3pm-5pm Exuviae & Talk Back & Foraging
We are invited folks to stop in for a Talk Back about how we did in our first year hosting a room party, how did you dig our panel/lecture content, and help us consume any left overs before we pack down the room.

Suite 6Pagans of Color and Culture

Suite 7The Wayward Witches Lounge
The Wayward Witches Lounge is a gathering place for Witches of all paths, especially those who are independent/solitary or attending the event without their covens/groups/temples. There will be noms, adult beverages, discussion, impromptu music, introvert chillspace, and general silliness. We will have a mix of scheduled and free form activities.
Thursday – 9:00pm-11pm – Earlybird Welcome & Space Blessing with LTZ 
Friday – 4-5pm – Welcome Witches & especially New to Paganicon Folks! – hosted by J.R. Mascaro
8pm-9pm: Witchy Book & Deck Swap – Do you have books or decks that you’d like to trade/pass on to someone else? This is the time and the place!
9pm-11pm: Hoser Hospitality: What Canadian Pagans Really Do – hosted by the WinniPagans. 
Saturday – 4-5pm: Witches Roundtable hosted by Kelden – let’s chat about traditional Witchcraft & modern practice. 
8pm-10pm – Wayward Witches Social – (Introvert Recharge & Chillspace)
10pm-12am – Spookytime – Come listen to ghost stories or share a spooky encounter of your own! 
Sunday – 1-2pm – Making Music with Nathaniel Johnstone – bring an instrument or just bring yourself, come play!

Suite 8Samhain Symposium
Lily of the Light presents the Samhain Symposium party suite. The best part of waking up is Paganism! Join us in the mornings for friendly conversation and light snackies. Sit a spell as you get ready for an amazing day of shenanigans and camaraderie. The Samhain Symposium is a Pagan event with a sprinkle of spirituality held at the end of Oct to showcase the diversity of our wonderful community. There will be fun activities and discussion topics to partake in to start your day off right! Room Hours: 8am-4pm

Suite 9Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd

Suite 10Paganicon Photo Booth
Come and get your photo taken! Paganicon’s official Photo Booth welcomes you bring yourself (or grab your friends!) and get a free photo or video taken in front of a beautiful backdrop with optional props. Walk-in hours are 11:00am-4:00pm –OR- schedule a 10-minute interview time to talk more in-depth about what being a Pagan means to you. Time slots run between 9:30 – 11:00 am for the morning, and 4:00 – 5:00 pm for the afternoon. Click on the link above to schedule an appointment
In addition, you can find us on Saturday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Fireplace Lounge (to the right of the lobby) to have your photo taken in your ball attire!

Suite 11Earth House Project
Rules were made to be broken! Well, some are, some aren’t, and you REALLY need to know which is which.  JOIN US and chat about ways to break out of our cocoons, our doldrums, and our ruts, and break into spring!!

Suite 12Hay River Firehaven & Harmony Tribe
From the tribes that bring you Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise and Sacred Harvest Festival.  Please join us for a silent auction, ancestor salon, and much more.  Come explore our Tribes and learn what we are all about.

Suite 13Sweetwood Temenos

Suite 14Inclusive Heathen Hangout
If you are new to Heathenry or just looking to connect with other inclusive Heathens, stop by our Inclusive Heathen Hangout room and hear more about events being hosted by local Heathen groups.  Bring your questions and issues that you are passionate about. 

Suite 15 – The Satanic Temple
Come meet your friendly neighborhood Satanists. The Satanic Temple Minnesota’s core values include compassion and empathy, celebrating diversity, education for all, justice, separation of church and state, bodily autonomy, and rebellion against arbitrary authority. 
We promote living deliciously by having light snacks and drinks available and hope to have compelling conversations with you. We love interfaith conversations and relationships and hope to build more bonds with our fellow heathens. 
The Satanic Temple Minnesota also invites you to participate in our Unbaptism ritual, performed by ordained Ministers of Satan.

Suite 16Druids of the Midwest
Interested in learning about Druidism? Would you like to pursue harmony, connection, and reverence for the natural world? Come talk with the Druids of the Midwest! In accordance with the Paganicon’s theme of ‘Metamorphosis: Rebirth of a Community’, the Druids of the Midwest will be exploring our inner (and possibly outer) metamorphosis into Lycanthropy, the transformation of a human into a wolf (or werewolf) as our theme for the party room weekend. Come howl with the Druids!
This year the Druids of the Midwest party suite is sponsored by representatives of Groves/groups from many Orders as well as several individuals. From the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA): Oakdale Grove, Koad Grove, and representatives from RDNA; from Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF): Wild Onion Grove, representatives from ADF; from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD): the Shining Mountains OBOD Grove of Montana and representatives from OBOD; Northern Roots Grove, a non-affiliated pan-Druid Grove, Twin Cities, MN; Benjamin Babbington representing Tennessee Pagan Community; individual representation by Daniel Lessin, Gerrie Ordaz, Rick Hill, Lisa Hill Felger, Dale Frampton and Mary Frampton.
Music will be the highlight on Friday and Saturday night! We are bringing back the fabulously fun karaoke. Join us for ‘meet and greets’, workshops and learn more about druid beliefs, rites, and practices, or hang out during unstructured time for a chance to relax, socialize, and get to know us! Click on the link above for our schedule of events and more.