Paganicon Party Suites

The Hospitality and Party Suites are on the 2nd floor, in the studio rooms above the 1st floor programming and Vendor Room/Art Show/Header-Reader areas. Take the elevator by Conference Rooms C & D, or the stairs to the left of the hotel front desk. If you are interested in hosting, information on how to do that can be found here:

The list of 2025 Party Suites at Paganicon will be available in the Fall of 2024.
See below for information on the 2024 Party Suites.

The Paganicon Hospitality Suite is in Suite 9, right in the corner. It is a place to meet new people, grab a snack, wake up with a cup of coffee or tea, do some self-care and relax in the sitting area, or get into some good conversation. Hospitality Suite staff can also answer questions and assist with any problems. 
The Paganicon Hospitality Suite is open Friday 8am-6pm,
Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 8am-4pm.

Suite 2The Coven of the Standing Stones
The Coven of the Standing Stones is a family friendly, teaching coven based in the Twin Cities. We offer free classes to the community along with a Mabon and Ostara ritual that are open to the Pagan community. Come to the Crossroads with the Stones! We will have lively conversation, fun, and libations for our guests!

Suite 3Pagans of Color and Culture
We will be representing all BIPoC and all Pagans/Practictioners of ethnic traditions and lifestyles. We will have lots of activities in the suite throughout the weekend, including a meet & greet and several scheduled lecture-discussions about ethnic spirituality. Light food items will be service and we will also hold our annual Ancestors’ ritual and potluck on Saturday night. 

Suite 4Deeply Rooted Church
Our organization is committed to providing an inclusive, safe environment for anyone interested in learning about Paganism. We observe the 8 major sabbats, provide Pagan clergy services, and strive to live in harmony with the land. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ We are an LGBTQIAP+ Safe Space.

Suite 5Druids of the Midwest
Interested in learning about Druidism? Would you like to pursue harmony, connection, and reverence for the natural world? Come talk with the Druids of the Midwest! This year the Druids of the Midwest party suite is sponsored by representatives of Groves/groups from many Orders as well as several individuals. From the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA): Oakdale Grove, Koad Grove, and representatives from RDNA; from Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF): Wild Onion Grove, representatives from ADF; from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD): the Shining Mountains OBOD Grove of Montana, Ashleigh Smiley and representatives from OBOD; The Wild Druids; Northern Roots Grove, a non-affiliated pan-Druid Grove, Twin Cities, MN; Benjamin Babbington representing Tennessee Pagan Community; individual representation by Gerrie Ordaz, Rick and Lisa Felger, Dale Frampton and Mary Frampton. Music will be the highlight on Friday and Saturday night! We are bringing back the fabulously fun karaoke. Join us for ‘meet and greets’, workshops and learn more about druid beliefs, rites, and practices, or hang out during unstructured time for a chance to relax, socialize, and get to know us!

Suite 6Northern Pagan Church
Northern Pagan Church’s mission is to provide an open, inclusive and welcoming community for all Pagans; to educate about Paganism; and to act as a resource for the community at large. This is a family friendly space! Come learn more about who we are and what our goals are as an organization, or pop in for unstructured discussion or one of our scheduled activities!
Story Time!: Join us at 9 am (Friday-Sunday) or 7 pm (Friday/Saturday ) for a family friendly pagan themed story!
Scheduled Discussion: Please join us at 1 pm (Friday-Sunday) for a 2 hour discussion on Pagan topics!
Auction and Raffle: Help support Northern Pagan Church at this and future events by participating in our silent auction and gift basket raffle! Auction and Raffle will close at 12pm Sunday, and winners announced at 3 pm after our discussion.

Suite 7The Satanic Temple of Minnesota
The Satanic Temple Minnesota is a nontheistic religious organization affiliated with The Satanic Temple. If last year is any indication, our suite will likely be a little enthusiastic! We will serve food and alcohol and will be more free form in activities.

Suite 10Doc Bev’s Room
Guest of Honor Beverley Smith (Doctor Beverley) will be doing bone reading and herb selling in this suite. 

Suite 11Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd
We will be showcasing new and upcoming books and tarot cards, as well as featuring books written by Paganicon presenters. We plan to be open at least some of the time in the evening as a quieter venue for folks to stop by, grab a snack and a glass of wine, and chat about books. 

Suite 12Hay River FireHaven and Harmony Tribe
Hey, everyone, meet the Hay River FireHaven and Harmony Tribe Hosts!
Hay River FireHaven is a Pagan Church in Northwest Wisconsin (within an hour’s drive of the Twin Cities area).  Based upon land at the Magical homestead of Judy Olson and Nels Linde. The Church offers a secluded, forested nook with a large ritual circle, a campground, permanent shrines and altars, and a ground-fed stream. The church’s mission is: “To foster and share our relationship with sacred land which we steward and preserve through service, ritual, ceremony, worship and art.”
Check out to learn more, or check on Facebook, to get in the loop for events. The premier event – Sacred Fire Circle – is held each July and offers an immersive 3-day/night alchemical and community experience.
Harmony Tribe is a Pagan organization established in 1998 that holds the Sacred Harvest Festival in the summer. Pagans of many paths spend a week together sharing nature based spiritual experiences that include rituals, drumming, singing, and dancing. Building a Pagan community, a Tribe! The festival is family friendly and inclusive. Get to know more at
You will find Hay River FireHaven and Harmony Tribe in Suite 12 on the 2nd floor – stop by and say ‘Hi!’.
Want to learn more about Hay River FireHaven or Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise? Come by Party Suite 12 at 8:00am, each day, for coffee and treats with the crew.
Want to learn how to visit with your ancestors? Check out the Ancestor Salon at 11:00am each day.
Want to unwind after a full day of learning, discussions, and rituals? Hay River FireHaven and Harmony Tribe will have drinks and treats a plenty.

Suite 13Sweetwood Temenos
Our suite will be primarily for discussion. There will be light finger foods available. 

Suite 14Reiki Magick
A place to talk about all things Witchy, a place to ask questions and have discussions. Promoting Magickal Discoveries – Thee Witchy Con of the North. There will also be light snacks. 

Suite 15Earth House
Free form activities and discussion with our hotel-approved “campfire” and snacks. Our 2024 Earth House Gather Theme is “Bridging the Ages”. 

Suite 16Musicians’ Hangout
Come down to Suite 16 to meet Wendy Rule and Spiral Rhythm throughout the weekend!