Twin Cities Pagan Pride Event Vendor Policies

Twin Cities Pagan Pride (TCPP) must set and enforce certain policies and standards for Vendors in order to ensure a safe and equitable environment for all participants.  Click Here for a Printable PDF of these policies.

General Rules
1. Absolutely no selling or solicitation is to take place outside of rented booth spaces. No vendor may expand his/her display beyond the boundaries of their rented space.

2. Authorized vendor representatives must staff booths during all exhibit hours. Vendor may not arrive to set up after the vendor room/festival has opened, or begin to tear down and/or leave early, unless specific prior consent has been granted by the Vendor Coordinator.

3. Materials such as handbills or fliers may only be distributed within the Vendor’s booth or at the Community Table, if the event has one.

4. No vendor or agent of a vendor may promote, display, or behave in a manner considered offensive or distasteful as determined by TCPP. Examples include promoting racism, gender bias, religious bias, etc.

5. All vendors must comply with, and be bound by, all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the country, state, county, city, facility, and, if applicable, police and fire departments.

Fall Festival Specific Rules
1. Banners, signs, displays and tents may not cause damage to park property. Vendor is responsible for cleaning up their space before leaving and should not leave trash or other debris in the area.

2. Vendor must provide their own tents, tables, chairs or displays. TCPP is selling a space only and does not provide any equipment.

3. Driving onto the park grounds is a privilege and not a right. If a vendor drives in a manner that would damage the park in any way or endanger people in the area, they will be asked to remove their vehicle at once and will not be permitted to return. All vendors who do drive onto park grounds should minimize the amount of time their vehicle is there by keeping it there for loading and unloading only. Vendors should respect all directives of TCPP staff regarding the use of vehicles on park grounds.

Paganicon Specific Rules
1. Banners, signs, and displays may not cause damage to facility property. Vendors are responsible for removal of their own signage, and for returning the walls to their pre-festival condition. Vendor is responsible for removing signage and any necessary cleanup of signage materials upon close of the festival.

2. No one will be allowed in the Vendor Room during closed hours, except authorized TCPP staff. All needed items and valuables must be taken before the room closes for the evening. Exhibitors may stay no more than 30 minutes after the Vendor Room closes without the permission of the Vendor Coordinator (not including end of event tear down).

3. Vendors must make known any additional needs for tables, electricity or wireless internet at the time of their registration and pay any fees associated with those requests also at that time. If those requests are not made in advance, they may not be able to be accommodated and the vendor will receive no refunds or considerations in that case.

Vendor Terms and Conditions
1. Application Fees, Booth Specifications, and Services
a. Companies, organizations, or individuals selling or promoting products or services at Twin Cities Pagan Pride events must rent exhibit space and must confine such activities to the space rented. Exceptions to this requirement must be obtained in writing from TCPP prior to the start of the event.
b. Exhibit space assignment will be confirmed only when payment and completed vendor forms are received by TCPP. No spaces will be “held” pending payment. NSF checks will be charged a $35 processing fee and another form of payment must be used such as a money order, cashier’s check, cash, or credit card.
c. Exhibit space will be assigned by the Vendor Coordinator, taking into consideration each applicant’s placement preferences and requests whenever possible. All decisions about exhibitor space assignments are final.
d. Vendor fees are refundable, less a 50% cancellation charge, provided that TCPP receives written notice of intent to cancel now fewer than 14 days prior to the start of the festival. Rental fees are not refundable under any other circumstances. Exceptions for extraordinary circumstances may be granted by the Vendor Coordinator or other authorized officer of TCPP. In the event that a vendor cancels or fails occupy his/her space prior to open of business, TCPP has the right to use said unoccupied space to suit its own convenience, including renting said space to another vendor without rebate or allowance due to the defaulting vendor. Vendors agree that if any default is made in any covenant or agreement contained herein TCPP may, at its option, cease and terminate the contractual relationships.
e. Vendors may not begin to dismantle display/booth before the official close of the vendor room/festival. Vendors dismantling prior to the official close will not be invited back to future events, and may be denied future participation.

2. Security and Liability
a. Vendors are solely responsible for collecting and paying all applicable city, county, state, and federal taxes on sales and promotional activities at TCPP. Vendors must fill out and submit the MN state ST19 form prior to vending at any TCPP event, and a new form must be submitted for every different event.
b. TCPP will arrange for personnel to watch over the vendor area, but is not responsible for any injury to vendor’s agents, servants, employees, or damage to or theft of property from any cause prior to, during, or subsequent to the event. Vendors hereby expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless TCPP against any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.
c. Vendors are fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to the convention site owners or personnel resulting from vendor’s displays or actions. Vendors are fully responsible for loss, damage, or injury to TCPP staff, volunteers, and attendees resulting from vendor’s displays or actions.
d. Vendors are liable to TCPP for any and all damage, from whatever cause, to rented or leased booth equipment, and shall indemnify, defend, or hold harmless TCPP against any and all claims or suits for such damage.