Teens! Join Chad Kelly and Bryn Kelly all weekend in our Teen Space for teen-focused programming, discussions, and workshops. Come and share your ideas for future teen activities within our community, explore new skills, or just hang out.

Not a teen? Please help keep our teen space as a gathering place for teens in our community. Adults are welcome to attend the 1st and 2nd Generation Pagans panel from 3-5pm on Saturday in room J, but all other events on this page are limited to teens and the facilitators.

Where? Room H in the conference center (near door B ) is all yours for the weekend. One panel on Saturday (from 3-5pm) is in room J, just down the hall.


1:45pm to 2:45pm : Meditation
Many people talk about doing meditations for one thing or another, but not many people discuss what meditation is. In this workshop we will discuss what meditation means to you and others, and practice some
basic exercises that can help you reach a state of meditation.

3pm to 5pm: 1st and 2nd Generation Pagans
Note!: This item will take place in room J, down the hallway from H.
Parents and teens – let us join in an exploration of each other’s perspectives and experiences. We have all faced different trials and challenges on our paths; in this discussion let us talk about what those were and how we learned from them. Non-pagan parents, pagan parents, and pagan teens are welcome to share the trials and challenges faced by choosing this path.


11am to noon: Awareness
Many people walk through their daily life blocking out everything going on around and within them. We plunge ourselves into a world of our making in an attempt to avoid future and past pains. In the process of blocking things out we ignore many of the simple joys around us and allow stress and tension to build up within our bodies. In this workshop we will practice meditation exercises to help awaken our mind and senses to the world around us, and the world within us.

12:30pm to 2:30pm : The Masks We Wear
We all wear masks in our daily lives to hide our thoughts and feelings from the outside world. In this workshop we will explore why we wear these masks, how we can take our masks off from time to time, and
create a visual representation of our masks that we can use to help us remove them when needed.

2:45 to 3:45pm: What Pagan Teens Need from Their Community
The 2nd generation of pagans in Minnesota is growing up in a community struggling to guide them. During this discussion we will talk about what the 2nd generation and 1st generation teens need from
the community. This could include: guidance through life changes, what they would hope to see in the community’s future, their fears about the community, and ultimately what they need from the community.