Welcome to the details of our sponsorship options for 2011; these allow you to get some great benefits while also helping us offer even more wonderful options and activities for our event. Sponsorship money will allow us to do things like bring in presenters from outside the area, offer compensation to our musicians, and consider some greater accessibility options than our budget would normally allow.

We welcome both general sponsorships, or those directed to a particular area of the event (please discuss with us to see what we need, but publications, programming, music, accessibility, and our hospitality suite are the major areas.)

Advertise in our program

(8.5 x 11 sheet folded, so each page is 8.5 by 6.5. Black and white printing.)

  • 1/4 page: $20
  • 1/2 page: $35
  • full page: $60

Depending on sponsorships, we may also have the inside back cover and back cover available. Please inquire if interested.


If you’d like to become a sponsor (or have questions), please contact us, so we can

  • figure out the best options for you
  • know that money is coming in for this purpose
  • clarify any tax-deduction specifics
  • make sure you have all the deadline information you need

You can be as public or as private as you’d like: if you would prefer not to be mentioned by name on our site, we’ll gladly list you as anonymous or whatever other option you like. For options including ad or room sponsorship space, you may transfer those benefits to another person if you make that clear in your sponsorship contact.

Sponsorship listing on our website

This listing will include:

  • A brief name (with link, if you wish) in a sidebar box on the right side of all Paganicon site pages.
  • Listing on our Sponsors page, which may include a short description, and/or small graphic (web banner, etc.)

$60: Sponsor a membership for someone presenting at the event.

This will allow us to support excellent presenters who would otherwise not be able to attend. You will receive a listing as a sponsor on our website as described above.


1) Sponsorship listing as described above.

2) Opportunity to include an item in our giveaway bag (given to each registrant)

  • Flyer, coupon, other printed material (or some combination!)
  • Items must be safe for all attendees, so no food and no scented products, please!
  • We would need to have your item in hand (with enough for all attendees) by early March.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a particular item at our discretion.


1) Sponsorship listing as described above.

2) Opportunity to include an item in our giveaway bag (as described above)

3) Your choice of a room sponsorship OR a full page ad in our program guide.

  • Room sponsorship includes a banner or other sign in the room, plus a listing in the programming guide and on the website when describing our spaces.) First come, first serve for room selection.
  • Full page ad will be an inside page.

4) Listing on our website as a major sponsor. (information highlighted in our sponsorship listings, etc.)


1) A full page ad in our program.

  • First-come, first-serve for location.
  • First sponsor at this level will receive the back cover.
  • Second sponsor at this level will receive the inside back cover.
  • Any others will receive full inside pages.

2) Room sponsorship (as above: a banner in the room and listing in programming guide and other materials)

(If you’d prefer to have either 2 ads, or 2 room sponsorships instead, we’d be glad to work that out with you.)

3) Option to include an item in the giveaway bag

4) Listed on our website as a major sponsor (information highlighted in our sponsorship listings, etc.)