In 2012, there was a vendor area, music in the bandshell, a labyrinth, and one or two event tracks. (Programming for those already in the pagan community has moved to Paganicon, so that TCPP can return to its original goals of community education, charity, and outreach.)

We’ll post a brief description of planned events before the event, but we’ve already got some fabulous proposals. Please join us!

We need your help in engaging the public. This is an excellent opportunity to let people know who we are. Events that lend themselves to curious seekers are encouraged, such as:

  • Public ritual
  • Demonstrations (not the protest kind!)
  • Divination show and tell (tarot, runes, etc.)
  • Singing or dancing (during music breaks)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Or any idea you can think of that’s appropriate for a park and TCPP

Please keep events to a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 90 minutes. If you would like to present the same item multiple times, that is encouraged if the schedule permits.

The ritual area is an approximately 30′ circle near the main building. Nearby is a set of fixed picnic tables for sit down programming.

Policies & guidelines

  • Limit use of glass to sturdy items
  • Protect any flame from the wind
  • No heavy or lingering incense (People should not notice if they are outside the circle)
  • Nothing that could be construed as a weapon (Athames may frighten the uninitiated, staves are okay).
  • No alcohol

Please submit your proposals by August 10th to, with the following information:

  • Main contact with phone and email
  • Secondary contact, if you have one
  • Name of group
  • Name of event
  • Duration
  • Short description
  • Preferred time
  • Willingness to perform multiple times

Minnehaha Park is a very public place, so please be prepared to deal gracefully with all sorts of people, and possible media attention.

Whether or not you decide to present, we can always use more volunteers to help Twin Cities Pagan Pride run smoothly. If you’d like to volunteer or make yourself available to the media as a “spokespagan” at the actual event, please contact

Thank you for your aid and support!