Press passes are given to those contributing writers or freelancers who have the required credentials and who will be writing about the Paganicon conference event. All press personnel must be pre-qualified and pre-registered. The credentials of members of the media arriving at a Paganicon event without pre-registering will be evaluated at the event for admittance.  If you are approved, you will be able to attend and register for the conference at a discounted rate.


To obtain a press pass to a Paganicon conference event, press delegates must submit one of the following:


A bylined article written by the applicant and published within six months of the conference event, or a letter from the applicant’s editor, on their media’s outlet stationery or received directly via email from the editor’s verifiable email address, stating the applicant is assigned to cover a specific Paganicon conference event.

Freelance Writers/Reporters/Authors

Original letter of assignment or copy of contract from publisher or news organization or an electronic copy received directly via email from the editor’s verifiable email address, or two samples of bylined articles published within the last year.

Online Publications/Online News Services:

Business card with editorial title plus copies of two bylined articles printed from the Web site or an Internet address so that we may view such articles on-site.



Paganicon reserves the right to refuse or rescind a press pass for any reason. All Press Personnel must be accompanied by a Paganicon staff member at all times.

Audio Taping:

Audio taping is not permitted without the express written consent from Paganicon. Photography of our convention attendees is not permitted without the consent of the attendee or Paganicon.

Media and Audio Release

From time to time we use photographs, video, audio, and written feedback of conference participants in our promotional materials. By virtue of your attendance at our conference, you acknowledge that Paganicon reserves the right to use your likeness in such materials.