Paganicon Scholarship Fund

The application period for Paganicon 2023 scholarships has now closed. Applicants will be notified of their status soon. 

If you’ve been to Paganicon, you can personally attest to its value through connections, friendships, the sharing of knowledge and information. Most importantly, you know how it feels to be there and be part of a larger Pagan community.

Even though the Twin Cities Pagan Pride organization aims to keep the costs of our events as low as possible, there are members of our community who struggle financially for varied reasons and cannot afford the cost of registration. For these reasons, Twin Cities Pagan Pride offers a solution through the Paganicon Scholarship Fund.

Donations collected for the Paganicon scholarship fund will provide registration assistance to those who would normally be unable to attend Paganicon. Anyone can donate to the scholarship fund when registering for the convention. If you are currently in a good place and able to afford your own registration, please consider giving a little extra to support others who would not otherwise be able attend.


In addition to the Paganicon Scholarships offered through Twin Cities Pagan Pride, Midwest Witchery and Healing is generously offering two additional Victoria Greenbush Fund Scholarships for full weekend registrations.
Midwest Witchery and Healing is a new one stop shop for all your Witchcraft & Homeopathic needs located in Stillwater, Minnesota. They are establishing the Victoria Greenbush Scholarship Fund in honor of their beloved sister and priestess who passed away early 2022 from cancer. Victoria was a huge supporter of the Pagan community and always helped her friends get to Paganicon. They are honoring her by doing something she would do if she was still with us – get people to Paganicon!

The availability of TCPP scholarships will be contingent upon the donations received. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please fill out the form below. Both the Paganicon and Victoria Greenbush Scholarships covers ONLY the cost of registration for a full weekend access to all areas within the event. Other expenses such as transportation and food are not covered in the scholarship. We will pre-screen the requests and those who qualify will be placed in a lottery. That pre-screening process may include additional questions from the Board of Directors. A limited number of scholarships are available.