This year, we have more than just great programming. A number of people are hosting hospitality and party suites. Here they are:

Room 231 – Twin Ports Pagans presents: “Over the Hedge… Through the Veil…” A Paganicon Party Suite

Schedule of Events:

Friday, March 15 – 9:30pm ~ Cards Against Humanity, Midnight ~ Curses, the board game
Saturday, March 16 – 8am ~ Grounding Meditation, Noon ~ Mid-day Meditation, 7pm ~ Witches’ Cackle Contest, Midnight ~ Fluxx
Sunday, March 17 – 9am ~ Morning Grounding Meditation, Noon ~ Mid-day Meditation, 6pm ~ Free Tarot Readings, 7pm ~ Cards Against Humanity
Refreshments will be provided.

Room 230 – Jack & Jenny Green of present “The Zodiac Club”

Open Friday and Saturday night featuring background Jazz music, hot tea/coffee and nibbles served, with cool witchy conversation topics at the ready, and a Midnight Poetry Slam both Friday and Saturday night! Inspired by The Zodiac club in the classic film Bell,Book, & Candle.

Room 229 – The Conjure Crossroads: Where all the roads of magic meet.

Come down to the crossroads for great blues music, conjure folk, and the chance to make magic. From fictional crossroads, (think Supernatural), to musical (Robert Johnson and other Blues legends), to spiritual. Spirits of all kinds are invited and can be expected to be present. Meet us at the crossroads… just wait till you see who shows up at Midnight…

Room 228 – Hang out in the Standing Stones suite, meet new friends, chat with old ones and grab some goodies.

The Coven of the Standing Stones continues to be a family coven that supports and educates its members, thus giving us strength and courage for ourselves and to lend to the Pagan community. We do this with family, public and private worship; the building of family spirituality; teaching ourselves and the community the ways of the God and the Goddess through instruction and example and by adhering to the Wiccan Rede “An it Harm None, Do as Ye Will”.

Room 225 – Sparking our Divine Flames – a three-day rolling workshop for people to explore their Divine nature and what that means for their lives.

Run by Genevieve Wood, author of Kindling Our Stars, we will focus on how to find the weaknesses in our religious foundations and how they can be strengthened. Drop in at any time!

Room 224 – Party room for Northern Dawn Council Covenant of the Goddess:

Come join the members of the Northern Dawn Council of the Covenant of the Goddess for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. Stop by to swap chants, share some good conversation, or just plain hang out, and we’ll tell you about the oldest Pagan networking organization in the Twin Cities (30+ years!), and what we’ll be doing in the coming year

Room 223 – Summerland Spirit Festival Hospitality Suite.

Some refreshments will be provided; no alcohol.