Paganicon 2014 was an wonderful success! We came, we talked, we listened, we learned things, we danced all night, and we made lots of connections for next year. Last year’s attendees came largely from the upper Midwest, but we had attendees from both coasts and from Canada!

A big thank you to everyone who made the weekend a delight! The board of Twin Cities Pagan Pride would like to thank everyone who made Paganicon a huge success this weekend:

  • Our Guests of Honor Oberon Zell and Deborah Lipp
  • All the musicians and their crews who helped make the Equinox Ball such a smashing good time!
  • All the presenters, ritualists and artists who enriched our programming with so many offerings
  • The vendors who dazzled us with magical and whimsical wares all weekend
  • The volunteers who offered their time and energy to be of service to the community, especially Lynn who ran the hospitality suite.
  • The generous individuals who donated supplies and expenses toward our hospitality suite.
  • ALL the creative souls who made our ball more magical by dressing in costume, even if they didn’t win an award.
  • And everyone who participated, especially those who smiled at someone, hugged someone, or spread good energy in some way.

We’re still riding high on the wave of magic, love, and success from this weekend, but we’re already thinking of next year. If you didn’t have time to fill out your feedback form at the con, the form is now up on our website. Please fill it out if you have the chance.

Our schedule can still be seen online, so you can find out what you missed.

We rocked the house Saturday night at our Embracing the Elements Ball to a combination of Crow Call and Unique Drive.

What people are saying: (Did you write a blog post or other public-access entry, comment, or whatever else about our event? We’d love to include it here. Contact us to let us know!)

  • Please get copy of Circle Magazine‘s issue 118 “Forms of Divinity” and check out the article on the Birth and Growth of Paganicon by yours truly, the local webmaster Rev. Jack Green.
  • Donald Engstrom’s comments on a programming item and other events. We hope the weather will be kinder to us in 2015!
  • PNC interviewed our Guests of Honor in preparation for the con. You can find the several posts here.
  • Rev. Jack Green also created a Photo Album on FaceBook. He holds the image copyrights, if you want to use something contact him on Facebook or contact the webmaster

Did you present at Paganicon 2014? If you have materials to share with attendees like our Guests of Honor often do or for those just curious about our programming, please let us know (you can contact us for this as well.)