The Third Offering: A Sacred Gallery Space

Roger WIlliamson's piece "Fleece at the End of the World" is symbolic of the Aries fire of spring.
Roger WIlliamson’s piece “Fleece at the End of the World” is symbolic of the Aries fire of spring and was presented in the 2014 Show.

Arts and creativity provide food for the soul, purpose on the path, and gifts for the Gods and the people. In our Pagan, Polytheistic, and Earth-Centered arts, the sensual and the spiritual are joined, and find expression in our craft. Our shared worldview is grounded within our bodies, our senses, and the earth we inhabit together, as well as taking inspiration from myths, muses, and visions.

We invite you to visit our gallery and temporary shrine, a setting charged with intent to bring an infusion of beauty to the space in the context of Paganicon. As in ritual, a good gallery show brings like minds together for the shared purpose of creation. We believe direct contact with original art in such a setting creates a unique venue for epiphany, awe and transformation, one that is intrinsically different from viewing web-images or reproductions of art in isolation. We hope you enjoy these aesthetic offerings and partake in the conversation about how our community values can find expression through craft and vision.

Third Offering Gallery We will maintain a shrine installation throughout the event. Works in many media will be displayed, and we hope to encourage more artists in the greater Paganistan area to join the hearth of this peer-selected body of work. This year’s show, “Mysterium” resonates with Paganicon’s 2015 theme of “Primal Mysteries”.




Art Show Hours

Friday (Opening reception): 9pm-12am

Saturday: 10am-10pm

Sunday: 10am-2:30pm. (All sales must be completed by noon on Sunday.)

Buyers of original art must pick up their purchases between the hours of 12-2:30pm Sunday.

Artists (or their previously designated representatives) must pick up their unsold art between the hours of 2:30-4pm Sunday.


Twin Cities Pagan Pride is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual The Third Offering sacred art exhibition, to be held during the Paganicon conference March 13-15, 2015. Inspired to gather and create beauty as our third offering to our Gods and our community, this exhibition welcomes sculpture, ceramics, watercolor, pastels, oils, photography, drawing, metalwork, woodwork, video, and all types of visual media by artists who are capable of expressing a Pagan or polytheistic aesthetic.

Our deadline for art submissions was January 1st 2015 and the jury process has begun, art show submissions for 2015 is closed. Thank you to all the artists who submitted their work! Please see our Art Show Guidelines page for general information and a schedule for important dates and times for both artists and art lovers.

This year’s show explores our Primal Mysteries, from the origin of the universe, to the cycles of Love and Sex, Birth, Death and Renewal. Making art is an act of shamanic retrieval, bringing into material being the manifestation of our inspirations. We hope to present the best of your visions, visitations, and ecstatic epiphanies; and share your glimpses into Mystery… Please see our Art Show Guidelines page for general information and a schedule for important dates and times for both artists and art lovers.

Please see our Third Offering Gallery Artists page to see the artists who have presented in the past and may present in the future!

Please follow our Art Show 2014 link to see last year’s Awesome Artshow!