Pirates of Dreamtime
Pirates of Dreamtime

A Spiritual Journey of Music and Light…

At 9:30 we’ll start the Friday night entertainment: a magical sound and light show entitled “A Spiritual Journey of Music and Light.” Pirates of Dreamtime will take us on a musical adventure of deep, ambient and trance-like tones that will make your spirit float and remind you of Dead Can Dance.

After pillaging much cooler tech and having grown beyond limits in their own musical strengths, Scott Keever, Keith Spears and Dayna Jean Wolter blend their souls and create Sacred Space with their richly and Otherworldly layers of sonic magic. Pirates of Dreamtime takes you on a journey of sound like no other… “You are naked in your dreams…and we are here for the booty”

The enchanting visuals will be orchestrated by Magic Lantern, a traveling light show that incorporates classic real-time psychedelic liquid displays, unique hand-built kaleidoscopic special effects, and hand-painted art slides. These guys have worked with Velvet Underground, the Doors, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and more. Taken together, it’s sure to be hauntingly strange and beautiful. . . and fun!

Here’s what Magic Lantern brings to this consciousness shifting event:

  • Old-time multi-projector light show
  • Rotating cut-glass plate moires
  • Multiple simultaneous projectors
  • Classic real-time psychedelic liquid displays
  • Unique hand-built kaleidoscopic special effects equipment
  • Hand-painted art slides
  • Painstakingly hand-painted stands and equipment cases

Check it out, Trance out . . . just don’t miss out on this spiritual journey of Music and Light- 9:30 pm Friday in Park 1