Be a part of our team!

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and give back to your community. We’re entirely volunteer run, and we welcome all sorts of volunteers – everything from someone offering an hour at an information table to year-long event planning positions. We’re glad to work with you to find an option that fits your interests and available time.

Event Volunteering

If you enjoy attending Paganicon or Pagan Pride Day and are interested in contributing a few hours of your time to the event onsite, then event volunteering is for you! Online sign up for volunteer shifts will be available closer to each event, or you can email “volunteering” and let us know what you are interested in. We do need a lot of help setting up and cleaning up after events, but we also have other opportunities for individuals who want or need to stay seated.

Paganicon also has some Staff positions available. Staff members put a significant amount of their time into the event in one specific area (Operations, Hospitality, Healer/Readers, Art Show, Programming, etc) and get free admission as well as other benefits. If you are interested in a Staff position, contact the Committee Chair for the area you are interested in or email the main volunteer email and let us know.

Year Round Volunteering (Planning Committees)

All aspects of our organization and everything that you see at our events is handled by our committees, chaired by our board members. If you want to be involved all year in making our events happen, keep reading for more information. The committee meeting schedule depends on the type of committee.

Volunteer Committee: Our Volunteer Committee is responsible for identifying and organizing all opportunities for participation in TCPP events. This committee helps recruit and train volunteers, as well as identify volunteer needs for each event. The Committee Chair is Brent Honeycutt. Contact “volunteers” at

Marketing, Public Relations and Web Media Committee: The Marketing and PR committee handles all of our marketing for events. This group is responsible for advertising, press contacts and outreach. This group also oversees our website and social media content. Committee Chair is Laurie Froberg and Vice Chair is Kitty Sitri. Contact “publicrelations” at

Operations Committee: Our Operations Committee handles the logistics for TCPP Events. From hotel convention space and park event space to equipment rental – the Operations Committee handles it all. This group is also responsible for vendors, party suites, registration and merchandising. Committee Chair is Wendy Seidl, Vice-Chair is Jason Neu. Contact “operations” at

Programming and Entertainment Committee: Our Programming Committee is responsible for all the content you enjoy at our events. They oversee the selection of workshops, musical guests, Guests of Honor, and more! Committee Chair is Becky Munson. Contact “programming” at

Art Show Committee: The Paganicon Art show is run by this committee. They are responsible for recruiting and jurying the art show, as well as setup and administration of the show on site. Committee Chair is Jason Neu, Vice-Chair is Wendy Seidl. Contact “artshow” at

Healer/Reader Committee: The Healer/Reader room and Meditation room are planned and run by this committee. Committee Chair is Cindy Miller. Contact “healing” at

Hospitality Committee: This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and running the hospitality suite at Paganicon. Committee Chair is Wendy Seidl. Contact “hospitality” at

Twin Cities Pagan Pride Board of Directors and Governance Committees

The Twin Cities Pagan Pride Board of Directors currently has eight members: Wendy Seidl (Chairman of the Board), Cindy Miller (Vice Chair), Becky Munson (Treasurer), Laurie Froberg, Jason Neu, Austin Goodwin, Kitty Sitri, and Brent Honeycutt. Board Positions are filled through promotion of active volunteers – so if you are interested in becoming part of the TCPP Board, join one of the committees above and let us get to know you!

TCPP also has two Governance Committees that are not open to the public. These committees control key leadership decisions or sensitive internal information and are made up of seated Board Members only.

Executive Committee
The TCPP Executive Committee is made up of the Chairman, Vice Chair and Treasurer, positions which are appointed by the entire Board. This committee is empowered to make certain organizational decisions when it is not practical or possible to bring it to the full Board (time sensitive, for example). The current executive Committee is made up of Wendy Seidl, Cindy Miller, and Becky Munson.

Finance Committee
The TCPP Finance Committee reviews and approves budgets, as well as oversees the basic financial health of the organization. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer, Becky Munson.