1) How do you pick the date?

Our date is based on a combination of when the space we wanted is available at the hotel, and looking at other events which would overlap with our attendees (and our board members). These included other area convention events, Easter (when people may have family commitments and there’s another local convention) and the equinox, when those in groups may have group ritual commitments.

2) Are there day passes? 

In previous years we did not offer day passes, but in 2014 introduced them due to popular demand. Day passes for Friday cost $40 (includes the Friday Concert), passes for Saturday cost $60 (includes the Equinox Ball), and passes for Sunday cost $30. Ball and Concert tickets are also available for sale separately, please see below. All day passes are available for purchase online starting in October and on site.

3) What about the evening music events?

We do offer separate tickets just for the Concert on Friday night and for the Equinox Ball on Saturday night. Access to these events are included in a weekend registration or Day Pass, but if someone JUST wants to go to the Concert, the cost is $20, or JUST the Ball is $25. These tickets also allow access to the Party Rooms and any other Convention Events after 6:00pm that evening.

4) How do you choose the Guest of Honor and Featured Guests? 
We use suggestions from our attendees or others associated with our convention (sponsors, previous GoHs, etc), then work as a board to determine a theme and who would be the best fit for the event.  Sometimes, we choose GoHs to fit a particular theme, and sometimes we get an opportunity to book a really awesome GoH and build our theme around that person. Once our Guest of Honor(s) have been chosen we approach them to arrange a contract. After that is complete we reach out to those who we know are already attending or are regional; to establish our Featured Guest presenters. Guest of Honor are compensated for their time, plus accommodations and travel up to the current budget availability. Featured Guests are given a complimentary registration to the event and attend our Guest of Honor Dinner Thursday before the Con opens.