Got a general question?

Email . We have three people keeping an eye on this email, so chances are good that someone will get back to you quickly. If you don’t hear back for some reason within a week or so, please try again (as we all know, sometimes messages disappear into the ether.)

You can also reach some specific folks:

  • will reach our volunteer coordinator.
  • reaches our vendor coordinator
  • reaches our programming coordinator

In all three cases, we focus primarily on the next upcoming event (so between March and September, we are focusing on Pagan Pride Day, and from September to March, we are focusing on Paganicon.)

Our snail mail address is:

Twin Cities Pagan Pride
PO Box 582932
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55458-2932

Want to help?

We’d love that! Please email with what you’re interested in doing, and any other information that might be helpful (how much time you’d like to help for, any limits on what you can do or want to do, etc.)