The Third Offering: A Sacred Gallery Space

Third Offering GalleryArts and creativity provide food for the soul, purpose on the path, and gifts for the Gods and the people. In our Pagan, Polytheistic, and Earth-Centered arts, the sensual and the spiritual are joined, and find expression in our craft. Our shared worldview is grounded within our bodies, our senses, and the earth we inhabit together, as well as taking inspiration from myths, muses, and visions.

We invite you to visit our gallery and temporary shrine, a setting charged with intent to bring an infusion of beauty to the space in the context of Paganicon. As in ritual, a good gallery show brings like minds together for the shared purpose of creation. We believe direct contact with original art in such a setting creates a unique venue for epiphany, awe and transformation, one that is intrinsically different from viewing web-images or reproductions of art in isolation. We hope you enjoy these aesthetic offerings and partake in the conversation about how our community values can find expression through craft and vision.”

We will maintain a shrine installation throughout the event. Works in many media will be displayed, and we hope to encourage more artists in the greater Paganistan area to join the hearth of this peer-selected body of work. This year’s show resonates with Paganicon’s 2013 theme: “Brightness of Day/Darkness of Night.”

Artists’ Bios for 2013 The Third Offering

Paul B. Rucker:

Paul B. RuckerJewel colors and curving auric forms, patterns of body and intentional symbols, define the outer flesh of my work. Meeting the Mysteries halfway, my art resembles astral theatre, giving them a body that can be seen and touched… in performance I seek the same talismanic sense of encounter.

Helga HedgeWalker:

Helga Hedgewalkerhas more than 25 years of professional experience in painting, graphic design, illustration and other fine arts. She believes that the act of creating art is a form of divine invocation; thus she tries to invite the Gods to visit as often as possible.

Roger Williamson:

RogerArt is an externalization of inner pain and irritation.

The artist, like the oyster, is driven to externalize this inner pain and irritation into the image of a pearl.

Artemis Namaste:

AliI am a working artist and I am an open Pagan Instructor at Columbia College Chicago. I was raised Pagan and all of the work I create comes from a Pagan perspective – regardless of whether or not the work depicts images or iconography usually associated with this path. I work from a spiritual space and my intent is to honor the deities when I work.

Riawa Thomas-Smith:

RiawaMy visions are inspired by Nature, dreams and fantasies— both the wonders of the world around me and the inner world inside my head. Guided by stories and myths and my own desires, I’ve developed and populated quite a vast interior universe. The figures I draw and paint are emissaries from that world.

Tamara Anderson:

Tamara_AndersonRestarting my artistic path and recrafting my artistic expression is an emphasis right now. Being true to what resides within and true to authentic personal style development, whatever that may become, is my first devotion as I move forward. Other than that, just doing more art is on my agenda.

Jack Green:

Jack Greenis a Free Second Degree Gardnerian British Traditional Witch and a volunteer science teacher as well as a science fiction and fantasy fan with a love of history. He also dabbles in art, specifically drawing but isn’t that good at it – yet! He’s better at photography.


Photos from the 2013 Third Offering Gallery

The art is hung and ready for visitors!
Paul B. Rucker with his creation and a friend
Paul B. Rucker with his creation and a friend
Helga Hedgewalker’s Sun & Stars bowl
Steve Posch poses with the shrine
Steve Posch poses with the shrine
Jack Green and one of his photo models, Sonya
Roger Williamson with his large work, She the Flowering of Isis
Riawa Thomas-Smith and her art
Riawa Thomas-Smith and her art
Artemis and Artemis