The Third Offering: A Sacred Gallery Space

Roger WIlliamson's piece "Fleece at the End of the World" is symbolic of the Aries fire of spring.
Roger WIlliamson’s piece “Fleece at the End of the World” is symbolic of the Aries fire of spring.

Arts and creativity provide food for the soul, purpose on the path, and gifts for the Gods and the people. In our Pagan, Polytheistic, and Earth-Centered arts, the sensual and the spiritual are joined, and find expression in our craft. Our shared worldview is grounded within our bodies, our senses, and the earth we inhabit together, as well as taking inspiration from myths, muses, and visions.

We invite you to visit our gallery and temporary shrine, a setting charged with intent to bring an infusion of beauty to the space in the context of Paganicon. As in ritual, a good gallery show brings like minds together for the shared purpose of creation. We believe direct contact with original art in such a setting creates a unique venue for epiphany, awe and transformation, one that is intrinsically different from viewing web-images or reproductions of art in isolation. We hope you enjoy these aesthetic offerings and partake in the conversation about how our community values can find expression through craft and vision.

Third Offering Gallery We will maintain a shrine installation throughout the event. Works in many media will be displayed, and we hope to encourage more artists in the greater Paganistan area to join the hearth of this peer-selected body of work. This year’s show resonates with Paganicon’s 2014 theme of the Elements. Please see our Art Show Guidelines page for general information and a schedule for important dates and times for both artists and art lovers.

The Artists of The Third Offering 2014 Gallery

Artemis_webArtemis Namaste (Ali Beyer) received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago (2008) in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media where she currently teaches in the Television Department. A working artist and an openly Pagan educator, Artemis was raised Pagan and her work comes from an inherently Pagan perspective. She is also a Pagan Minister and a member of Prodea Coven in Minneapolis, MN.


Helga_webHelga HedgeWalker has 30 years of professional experience in painting, graphic design, illustration and other fine arts. She believes that the act of creating art is a form of divine invocation; thus she tries to invite the Gods to visit as often as possible.


Jack-Green_webRev. Jack Green is HP of Hollow Hills Coven and a Free Second Degree Gardnerian British Traditional Witch, and a volunteer science teacher as well as a science fiction and fantasy fan with a love of history. He also dabbles in art, specifically drawing but isn’t that good at it – yet! He’s better at photography.


EllenStrub_webEllen Strub sees little difference between everyday life and spiritual practice. The expansion of consciousness as fueled by experience is a constant process, one that is mirrored in my work. Like the writing of a book, the experience of art’s creation moves to the viewer as a complete novel


gayle_webGayle Wyant has been drawing and painting since childhood. In the past ten years, since retiring, she has been painting with more passion participating in several art shows a year. Gayle is still having fun being creative and has been a pagan for 21 years and a Standing Stone for six.


Katie-ClaphamKatie Clapham (WorldsWalker) has been a photographer for over 35 years, finding beauty and stories in the world she sees. Traveling extensively to seek them out, so much so that her artistic name is Worldswalker. Her interest is most caught by the boundaries between earth and sky, dark and light, real and unreal. Her landscapes have the Goddess rising from them, and her nudes have been likened to landscapes. Enthralled by the natural world, she does her best to share the enchantment of it with you.


Kim_Schatz_webKim Schatz has been a pagan since before she knew what to call it. Her artistic path is such as the phoenix, thought to be dead and gone, consumed in the fire of change, only then to be reborn anew.


DeltaKimI_web Delta Listening Wolf is continually amazed at the healing and joy of creativity. Discovering Mandalas in the 1970’s, the spiral journey began. Sacred geometry, symbolism, color theory, astrology, religion and NeoPaganism were all grist for her mill. She creates custom Mandalas and jewelry in the hills & valleys of SW Wisconsin. Hare Ganesha!


Larissa_webLarissa Viana takes inspiration in the divine, the absurd and the fantastic. She loves myth, magic realism, Mexican muralists, African-American quilts, Portuguese tiles, Bread and Puppet, BareBones, Las Fallas, New Orleans jazz, the Grateful Dead, Caetano Veloso, road trips, border crossings and crossroads. Art is just a medium for life.


Rmay-artist-photo_webRmay Rivard is a Minnesota Artist and arts educator. She is a pioneer in generational healing. Visit her web site at search her name and enjoy the many facets of her creativity.


PaulBRucker_WebPaul B. Rucker Whether working with paint, ink, sculpture– makeup, performance, photography– or with ritual—Paul’s art resembles astral theatre, seeking a talismanic sense of encounter. He longs to give the Mystery a body that can be seen and touched.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARiawa Smith Her visions are inspired by Nature, dreams and fantasies— both the wonders of the world around her and the inner world inside her head. Guided by stories and myths and by her desires, Riawa has developed and populated quite a vast interior universe. The figures she draws and paints are emissaries from that world.


Roger-Williamson_webRoger Williamson was born in Loughborough England in 1947 and grew up and attended schools in Coventry England from 1948 until 1963. When Roger was 16 he sacrificed an opportunity to pursue a career in art to play music, which he did through the 1960s and ‘70s. Because of his adventures in music Roger feels the art he creates has a strength, timbre and vibrancy it may not have had if he had chosen to take a different path.


Sybilheadshot_webRev. Velveteen SubGenius Reverend, Pastafarrrrian, Chaos Mage, Psychonaut. Sometimes life forces her into a shutdown, where internalization, lots of thinking and writing takes place. Other times she expresses herself through dress, dance and performance art. She likes shiny things and elements, especially fire and takes photos to capture and share the way she sees the world.


Tamara_webTamara Anderson believes restarting her artistic path and re-crafting her artistic expression after a long artistic hiatus is an emphasis for her now. Being true to what resides within and cultivating work with personal authenticity sourced from inner truth is her first devotion moving forward.


TamiaPaganiconHeadshot_webTamia Finnegan currently works as a Paralegal for Legal Aid. She has been honoring an earth-based spiritual path since 1989. By combining art with all aspects of her life she expresses her emotions and shows gratitude to the Elements. “That which is broken is only one perspective of the Spirit.”  

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