10:00 Opening Ritual – Steven Posch will lead the opening offering to one of the great sacred beings of our landscape, Minnehaha Falls. The three traditional offerings of water, cornmeal, and flowers are accompanied by prayers for Life, Food, and Beauty for all the Pagan Peoples. Join the procession to descend into the caldera, or make your prayers from above. Location: above and below the falls; procession.

10:30 Crow Call. Location: Band shell.

11:15 Dance 1 – Mystic Siren. Location: Band shell.

11:25 Kamala Chaand Dance Co. Location: Band shell.

12:00 Blue Star Ritual – We’ll be singing, celebrating the season, and honoring the gods. Location: Ritual area.

1:00 Mark Digitono. Location: Band shell.

1:45 Kamala Chaand Dance Co. Location: Band shell.

2:05 Bourgeois Bohemians. Location: Band shell.

2:25 Kamala Chaand Dance Co. Location: Band shell.

3:00 Our Lady of Celestial Fire Ritual – Come celebrate the harvest season of abundance as we embrace the desire to be fulfilled in our vocations, both spiritually and materially. Are you happy or unhappy in your job, looking for employment, or just seeking more money in your current job? Come on down and let’s ramp up the current of abundance together! Location: Ritual area.

3:45 Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters. Location: Band shell.

Please Remember to Bring a Food Donation!
Part of every Pagan Pride event around the country is a food drive. Each year, we donate the food to a local food pantry. The last few years we’ve worked with Groveland Emergency Food Shelf. This organization is a non-profit providing emergency groceries for those in need serving about 2,000 clients per month. Our goal for 2013 Pagan Pride Day was to collect 250 pounds of food for the food shelf, or the monetary equivalent. We almost made it! We collected 166 lbs of food and enough money to make it to the equivalent of 216 lbs. We were just 34 lbs short of our goal! So please remember the reason for the season and bring some heavy groceries. A lot of people will be very grateful. Let’s exceed our goal and break our own record this year!