We’ve done our best to provide a wide range of programming items. We deeply appreciate the time and energy of our presenters, and know there’s a lot to learn and share this weekend. If you have any questions about our programming, please contact our programming chair (Jenett) at programming@tcpaganpride.org .

  • Full weekend events (our labyrinth, ancestor altar, and conversation space) are described below.

Please note: the grids are public documents: you do not need a Google account to view them. Please let us know if there’s a technical problem of any kind.

Where is programming?
Our programming rooms are in the 3rd floor conference center. To make rooms easier to find, we’ve labeled the four doors to that area A, B, C, and D and indicated the closest entrance to the room. Jenett (our Programming chair) will generally be at our Ancestor Altar area (just inside door D) if you have any questions.

All weekend:

Labyrinth: Once again, Paul Eaves has created a fabulous labyrinth walk for us. This is down in the Studio space in the basement of the building (take the elevator down, and follow the tape) Take a little time away from the bustle of the rest of the event to explore this amazing space.

Ancestor Altar: located just inside door D in the conference area): Reflect on your ancestors and beloved dead for a few moments at the ancestor altar. See the link for additional info.

Want to chat with others? The inner courtyard is open for conversation. To get there, enter by the door near the 1st floor passenger elevator. Bring your lunch out, socialize, find others to chat to. You’re also welcome to make use of the conversation spaces near doors A and C in the conference center (comfy chairs/couches.)