Volunteering at Paganicon

Paganicon is a rapidly growing, popular convention, which means we rely on the Flying Monkey Squad to help things run smoothly.

Yes, that is what our volunteers have been called from 2013 forward! You know you always wanted to be a flying monkey, and now here’s your chance!

What types of volunteer positions are available?

I’m glad you asked! There are several types. Keep reading for a basic description of the different areas.  (Note that some require more physical lifting/carrying or moving around than others.) Sign-ups for specific shifts will be available when we get a little closer to the event, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can help!

Conference Set-Up and Tear-Down: we need several people who can lift, carry, and build things to help us get this party started (and cleaned up). The set-up times are on Thursday (sound & light equipment in the morning, other general set-up in the afternoon/evening) and the tear-down times are on Sunday (sound & light equipment in the AM, other general pick up, organize and load in the PM). 

Badge Checking: badge checkers watch to make sure that anyone accessing attendee-only areas have conference badges, and politely inform them that the area is restricted if they do not. Because the Crown Plaza doesn’t have any convenient pinch points in some areas, badge checkers may need to move about and patrol. One of the areas does lend itself to remaining stationary/seated, so if you would like to volunteer as a badge checker but you are mobility restricted, please note it in the comment area when you sign up.

Registration: this job involves checking people in who have pre-registered for the conference. You will need to verify the identity of each individual, search them up on the computer, check them in, and find their badge (sorted alphabetically). You should have basic computer skills and the ability to multi-task quickly under pressure, because during our busiest times, the lines may get long, and you will need to get people through the process as quickly as possible. 

Hospitality: this job involves helping our Hospitality Suite coordinator make sure that everything is kept neat and tidy, that food and drinks are available, and to answer any questions or assist attendees with issues to the best of your ability. You should enjoy talking to people and making them feel welcome. 

Healing, Divination & Mediation Room: this job involves directing people to the appropriate Healer/Reader (if they have an appointment), help them to make an appointment for a Healer/Reader (if they don’t have one and want one), and be aware of who is currently available and their area of expertise if someone is interested in a walk-in service. You will also need to keep an eye on the Mediation room next door. You should have basic computer skills (the scheduling program is online) and be ready to assist people in finding what they need. 

The Monkey Rebate

Being a flying monkey can even save you money! Every two shifts that you work can get you $15 back on your paid registration for this year, or as a credit towards next year’s registration. (This cannot exceed the amount paid.) 

2 shifts = $15

4 shifts = $30

6 shifts = $45

8 shifts = $60

If you are interested, just swing by Operations before your first shift and pick up your Flying Monkey Tracker. Make sure to record each shift and have it initialed by the supervising board or committee member in charge of your area, and then bring the completed card to back to Operations on Sunday, where you will receive your rebate! If you need to leave earlier, just bring the completed card to Operations before you leave; if we are unable to process it right then, we will follow up with you after the Convention is over. 

Ready to join the Flying Monkey Squad?

If you have any questions or need more information about volunteering, fill out the form below and someone will contact you.