Paganicon 2022 Vendor Room

Pagainicon Vendor

When Paganicon 2020 was unfortunately cancelled, most of the vendors who had already been selected decided to stay on for the next in-person Paganicon. Therefore, we will not be offering an open application period this year. If we do have any openings, they will be filled on a case by case basis with other previous vendors or applicants. 

Below is the list of vendors that have been confirmed for 2022. 

Awesome Industries
Blurberrybuzz Body Art – Henna by Victoria
Castle Art
Devonshire Incense and Soap Company
Doc Bev’s Sacred Herbs
Dverger’s Anvil
Enchanted Boutique
Eye of Horus Metaphysical
Faith Carol – Star Fox Sacred Art
Freya’s Folk
Funk ‘n Fantasy
Geisha Moth
Little Dragon Designs
Magical Musings Books
Magus Books & Herbs
Natural Magic of Duluth
Olde Haven Arts and Etching
Omega Artworks
Owlkeyme Arts
PT Rocks and Gems
Remembering Center Studio
Spirit Haven
The Spirit Parlour
The Wretched Raven
Willow Phoenix Creations

Questions or concerns? Email “vendors” at