The Friday Concert

The Friday night concert is held in the Scandanavian Ballroom downstairs starting at 7:00pm and is FREE to everyone with a Paganicon weekend or Friday only registration. If you aren’t registered for the conference, but still want to attend, go to our registration page and tickets are just $20. 

Opening the evening is Norse cultural educator, folk musician, spiritual leader, and healer KARI TAURING

Kari is a völva, staff carrying woman and the originator of Völva Stav mind/body/spirit philosophy and practice. Growing up in a Norwegian American ethnic enclave, Tauring began digging below the surface of her immigrant culture in 1988 when a linguistics professor introduced her to the runes.

Öorlog Healing – Tauring’s passion is helping other Americans with European roots excavate, mend, and re-connect to their own cultures of origin and the stories carried in the body through generations. Tauring maintains that re-connecting to root culture identity assists in moving us away from racialized identity. Family and culture of origin stories point to the sources of trauma we carry. Root culture gives us the languages, songs, dances, mythic allegories, metaphysics, and cosmologies to assist in our deep root healing.

Runes and Old Norse poetry – The author of “The Runes: A Deeper Journey” book and iPhone app, Kari began studying the Elder Futhark runes and Norse mythological poetry as an undergraduate at the University of St. Thomas in 1988. Plunging her identity as a Norwegian American into a time before lefse and coffee was life changing!

Völva – In 2003 Tauring began deeply identifying and re-constructing the words and ways of the völur or staff carrying women of her heritage. In Eddas, Sagas, and Norwegian folk music, the staff carrying women or kjærringa med staven, are constant. From this deep study came Volva Stav Tauring’s original Nordic spiritual system teaching the embodiment of the cosmic world tree, staff rhythm for journey, and runic expression. Her Volva Stav Manual (2010) is available as a free download along accompanying videos on Youtube.

Folk Music and Dance
Tauring’s early career as singer/songwriter through the ’90’s and early 2000’s is well known and her theatrical productions around Winter Solstice from 1999 – 2006 are legendary in the Twin Cities. Beginning in 2003 she immersed herself in Norwegian folk music and joined the Norwegian Folk Dance organization in 2006. She has produced four Nordic musical recordings and countless performances across the US and Scandinavia. Videos of past performances are available on Youtube combining ancient poetry, folk songs, and electronica – bringing the deep roots into the now in an innovative way.

Then, at 8:00pm, Paganicon welcomes back WENDY RULE.

Persephone, the new double-album from the Australian visionary songstress, is the culmination of over twelve years of work. Despite drawing on Wendy’s musical journey over the past 2 decades, it is unlinke anything she has ever done before. 

This beautifully evocative retelling of the Ancient Greek myth of the Goddess Persephone’s descent into the Underworld is almost like an opera, designed to guide the listener through this ancient tale of the cycles of Nature. With subtle textures that reference her early life as a jazz singer in her home town of Melbourne, and the trademark dark, gothic soundscapes and souring vocals of her previous 7 major albums, Persephone is an ambitious and unique 24 track journey through the realms of Life, Death, and human emotion.

But then again, Wendy has always carved a unique and individual path. Since the release of her first album Zero in 1996, she has defied categorization, always walking to the beat of her own drum. Combining elements of gothic, folk, world, ambient and cabaret music, and crossing over into Pagan and New Age categories with her many mythological, esoteric, and ritual references, Wendy is as individual as she is prolific. A dedicated live performer, Wendy has toured extensively since her first album’s release – starting in Australia, then branching out with her first international tour in 2001. Renowned for her extraordinary voice and live shows that blur the line between music, ritual and theatre, Wendy has gained a loyal following in Australia, the USA, Europe and the UK.

From the most intimate solo house concerts to festival gigs with her band (featuring long term musical collaborator Rachel Samuel on cello), Wendy takes her audience on an otherworldly journey of depth and passion.

With the help of her loyal fanbase Wendy continues to maintain her musical independence, unbound by the confines of the mainstream. Two hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns have helped bring both Persephone, and her previous album Black Snake (2014) to life. In the past few years, she has continued to grow her audience, not only with her dedicated touring schedule, but also with her performance as ‘La Llorano’ in the 2016 feature film Boys in the Trees by director Nicholas Verso (now screening on Netflix), and with her popular monthly Full Moon Magic live-streamed concerts.

In 2014 Wendy relocated from Australia to the USA and is now living in the beautiful High Desert city of Santa Fe, New Mexico – allowing her an even stronger connection to her ever growing US fanbase and providing daily access to the wild Nature that inspires her unique and transformational work.

The Equinox Ball

Now strikes the balance betwixt the Seasons...

When the brightness of Day equals the darkness of Night...

The Equinox Ball is a Paganicon tradition dating back almost to the beginning. You can choose to come as you are or make it a true masquerade with bright and dark finery, particolored hose and motley wear, masques, body paint, jewelry, wings, ferns and flowers, mystic armor, enchanting furbelows or anything else that suits your fancy. 

If you didn’t bring a masquerade mask, don’t worry! Face painting will be available in the Fireplace Lounge to the right of the registration desk. 

The Equinox Ball is held on Saturday night in the Scandanavian Ballroom. There is not only music and dancing, but food, a cash bar, a bonfire outside, and even a costume contest – with bragging rights for the best dressed! 

The Equinox Ball is FREE to everyone with a Paganicon weekend or Saturday only registration. If you aren’t registered for the conference but still want to attend this fabulous event, go to our registration page and tickets are just $25 for the whole evening. 

This year, the Ball has TWO different bands – that’s right – two for the price of one!

First up, starting at 7:00pm, is Lady J Griot and her Root Doctors!

Jacquie Maddix, most commonly known as “Lady J” has been an important part of both Minnesota radio and television entertainment for over thirty years. Popular in the Twin Cities area, Lady J steps easily into the role of a female root worker or tribal medicine woman.

She is one of the best Blues storytellers in America, telling her listeners the back stories to the greatest blues music classics out there. Providing this informative background as Lady J Griot has garnered her a lot of popularity among the fans of the genre. Due to this success, Lady J has become a walking Blues encyclopedia, which makes it easy to admire her.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Jacquie Maddix was born on August 11th in 1954. This was the year when the original greats were still thriving. Brownie McGhee was singing “Christina” and Muddy Waters was singing the blues from the deepest part of his soul. Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, she inevitably became “Lady J” and is known as the High Priestess of the Blues due to her style of storytelling and her tribal medicine woman persona.

In 1994, she started her own blues radio show, now known as “Songs of The Soul” on Minnesota’s KFAI radio station 90.3FM. She’s on the air every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm, blending and bending the music, taking you from the roots of the blues to the fruit, satisfying your soul with funk, jazz, r&b, and of course, blues music. She also interviews various musicians and promotes fantastic artists through this medium. She is a contributing writer to the Twin Cities Blues News, as well as Minnesota Blues on Stage. She’s also the author of a new book coming out in the fall of 2020 called: “Root Wisdom from the Elders’ Circle” that focuses on maintaining an everyday spirituality. In other words, she tells you how to “keep your mojo working”.

In 2015, Lady J was inducted into the Minnesota Blues Society Hall of Fame as a true blues historian. Her band “Lady J Griot & Her Root Doctors”, makes several appearances around the state, making her one of the hardest working blues women in Minnesota.

Then from 8:30-9:00pm we will have the costume contest!

If you are interested in being a part of the contest, make SURE that you are in the area of the Ball (the ballroom itself, the food area, the bar, or the Viking lounge just outside) starting at 8:00pm. A panel of judges will be circulating and looking for awesome outfits.

At 8:30pm, we will call up our favorites to the stage and pick the winner based on audience applause. 

From 9:00pm until Cinderella’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin, prepare to be rocked out by local band Open Investigation!

Open Investigation is to Pagan and Pagan-Friendly music what Jon Snow is to House Stark: the next generation and best-kept secret. Well, the secret’s out now!

A fusion of 60’s to 70’s style Classic Rock and Blues with Folk-Rock harmonies, gutsy vocals and a Psychedelic backbone, Open Investigation has taken it to the next level with original music, and original arrangements of classic songs. Remember your Junior Hippie days, when every song was new and all you wanted to do was dance to a new band every week? No? Remember when your dad told you he had long hair? No? Remember when Gramma wore miniskirts and patent leather boots? Wanna find out what all the fuss was about?

After touring nationally and regionally for 12 years with Murphey’s Midnight Rounders, Brad Murphey and Teresa Frank took time off to feed the cats and plant a garden. But, since music is an evolutionary process, Brad had to keep writing (or go insane…or both). They found Lead Singer Dana Freund online and Open Investigation was born. They added Drummer Billy Cooney and Guitarist Nick Peters into the mix (who knows more about music than anyone cares to admit) and the result was a full sound with lots of emotion. Open Investigation takes a Classic approach to their music. Where better to start than Classic Rock and Blues? What better to add in than 2- and 3-part vocals, hard-driving, foundational Bass lines and sensitive, melodic Guitar riffs?

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