Before you fill this out, you should have already read about the party suites, studied the guidelines, and registered for Paganicon. Now, just complete his form! Note: Fields with the * are required:

    *Name of individual, organization, or group sponsoring the room:

    *Official name of the suite as it should appear in the Paganicon program and website:

    On-site contact person (who can we contact at the hotel who will be responsible for the whole weekend, even if they are not always in the room itself):

    *On-site contact Name:



    *Are you registered for Paganicon:
    NOTE: You MUST be registered for Paganicon to submit this form!

    If different from the above, organization contact person responsible for communicating the guidelines to the group, for receiving the invoice, and making the payment:

    Organization contact Name:



    Are you registered for Paganicon:

    Tell us a bit about your organization and how you intend to use the suite. If you only want the suite for one day and would like to share it with another group, tell us what day you’d prefer, and if you’ve already made arrangements to split the time with another group, tell us what group:
    *Required (limit: 750 words, please do word count before entering)

    Give the full description of your suite as you’d like it to appear in the program:
    *Required (limit: 300 words, please do word count before entering):

    A few special offers or events are a great way to encourage participation in your suite. These might be a group meditation or short offering, a scheduled topic, a poetry slam, or anything else that might attract people to your focus. Give a brief description of any special events that will be taking place at specific times over the weekend that you’d like included in the program (these will be confirmed before the programming book goes to press):

    Your proposed opening hours (we will confirm these times with you in late February before we print the program):

    How many nights? ($130 per night)
    1 Night ($130)2 Nights ($260)3 Nights ($390)

    Furniture Services Needed:
    Remove Beds: 1 Bed ($100)2 Beds ($100) -the hotel now charges a flat rate regardless of the number of beds removed. Please let us know how many you'd like removed, if any.

    # Tables to add ($10 ea): | # Chairs to add ($1 ea)

    Room Location:
    Would you like a quieter or more active space?
    Quiet, mellow spaceActive, raucous space

    Additional Comments:

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