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2022 Art Show Submissions

Paganicon’s very own juried art show, The Third Offering Gallery, will be focusing on our 2022 theme, Journeys: 10 Years of Paganicon. We’ve got a handy web submission form again this year. The process is now open to interested artists in all media, with a closing date of Jan. 1, 2022. Submitting your art is simple! Please read ALL the guidelines for Art Show participation on this page, then fill out the form at the bottom. Please submit one form for each art show entry.

The Third Offering: A Sacred Gallery Space at Paganicon.

Twin Cities Pagan Pride is pleased to continue our Annual  The Third Offering Gallery sacred art exhibition, to be held during the Paganicon conference. Inspired to gather and create beauty as our third offering to our gods and our community, this exhibition welcomes sculpture, ceramics, watercolor, pastels, oils, photography, drawing, metalwork, woodwork, and all types of visual media by artists who are capable of expressing a Pagan, polytheistic or earth-centered spiritual aesthetic. The Third Offering Gallery, will be focusing on our 2019 theme, Sacred Groves.  The process is now open to interested artists in all media, with a closing date of Jan. 1, 2019. Guidelines and details are included below the submission Form.

Art Show Guidelines and Details:

Art Show, Artist Vendor Space and Print shop! The Third Offering Gallery at Paganicon will be prominently featured in Rooms B & C, just down the hall from the Vendor Room and adjacent to programming areas. Paganicon will still manage and run the print shop, as well as handle sales of any original art displayed in the show that is offered for sale, for a 25% commission. Artists who wish to participate in the print shop will need to provide a list of the prints they will be bringing several weeks in advance of the show so that sales slips can be printed by Paganicon. Copies of the slips for your prints can be emailed to you in ahead of time, or you can attach them when you drop off your prints at the shop. Prints without one of our slips will be removed from the print shop and not sold. In addition, there are a limited number of Art Sales tables available in this area for artists in the show who would like to sell their own product. These are $50 for a 5′ x 4′ space and a table is provided. You can purchase up to 2 spaces. You may be in your Sales space as much or as little as you would like during Art Show hours. There will be someone in the Gallery area at all times that the Art Show is open, however, Twin Cities Pagan Pride is not responsible for any loss of sales or product if you leave your merchandise unattended at a sales table. Stay Tuned for announcements on registration if you would like to register for an art sales space. Eligibility Open to all artists 18 and older who have submitted a form to the public call, received acceptance of their item and are able to deliver or have their piece hand-delivered by a previously designated representative to the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth, Minnesota, during the event. As a temporary art installation, we do not have the infrastructure to receive shipments or store your art. All pieces must be original to the artist. Pieces deemed not original to the artist will not be considered. Contact us using the form below for questions or clarifications. Artists do not need to be registered participants of the Paganicon conference to submit art (although there is a hanging fee if you are not, see below) and the Art Show is open to the public. Media Sculpture, ceramics, watercolor, pastels, oils, photography, drawing, metalwork, woodwork, pen and ink, pencil, fiber, glass, video, or other visual mixed media will be considered. Condition and Size Oil paintings must be fully dry and framed. Two dimensional pieces must be ready to hang, including wires. Labels identifying the name of the work and the artist should be attached to the back of each work, or wherever feasible on sculptures. Multiple pieces may be submitted as long as total size of all submitted 2-D artwork is under two square yards. All technological needs for video pieces must be provided by the artist. Submission of Pieces A small jury will evaluate all submissions via internet in January. To enter your piece(s), send .jpgs which clearly show your work (from multiple angles if not two-dimensional) or .mov files for video works. Images should be no larger than 1024 x 768 at 72dpi (and not much less). Do not embed the images in power point or flash album. Video samples should not be longer than 5 minutes in length, even if the whole piece is longer. Images may be a maximum of 5MG per file, videos a maximum of 50MB per file. Selection will be based on both artistic execution and artistic sensibility, and attention to the theme of the show is of utmost importance. Our aim is to present a wide range of styles and abilities: first-time artists are welcome. The jury will select as many pieces as will reasonably fit our space. Submissions can be entered below. Awards The Third Offering art show will award prizes for people’s choice, guest of honor’s choice, best representation of theme, and best in show. Anyone exhibiting in the show will be unable to participate in judging. Entry Fees & Sales If your piece or pieces are selected for exhibition in the show, a hanging fee of $25 will be charged to those who choose not to buy a registration to the conference – all artists will have a choice to register or pay the hanging fee. Sales of exhibited originals and/or prints (supplied by artist) will be handled by Paganicon staff during opening hours of the art show (see below) for which it will collect a 25% commission. Works may also be displayed that are Not For Sale (NFS) and will be designated as such in the gallery. Liability & Insurance Artists must make their own arrangements for insuring their pieces if desired. Artists will be required to sign a waiver before the show confirming their acceptance of this provision. Volunteering Volunteering is Mandatory for artists exhibiting and is a condition of acceptance by the art show committee. You will be required to sign up for a volunteer shift staffing the art show during the event. Calendar Image submission deadline: January 1 Selection notification: February 1 Hanging fee/registration due: March 1 Artwork delivery: March 18, 2022 – 1pm-3pm Exhibition dates: March 18-20, 2022 Artwork pick-up: Sunday, March 20, 2020 – 12pm-3pm for buyers, 3pm-5pm for artists. Art Show Hours Friday: 4pm-10pm Saturday: 10am-10pm Sunday: 10am-3pm Buyers of original art must pick up their purchases on Sunday Afternoon 12-3pm. Artists (or their previously designated representatives) must pick up their unsold art Sunday after the show closes, before 5pm.

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